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Question: Where can you deliver golf clubs?

Our service is open through out the Continental United States.

Question: What does the insurance cover?

 The insurance will cover any accidental damage that may occur by the renter; ie. Broken shaft, torn grips, head removal, bent shaft etc. Please see the insurance policy for more information. This does not cover theft or aggressive damage.

 Question: What is the wish list?

You can place any items here and come back to it at another time. You will have to register an account in order to hold anything here.

Question: How long do the rental sets take to deliver?

We offer different delivery times depending on how fast you need the golf clubs. Please browse through the delivery times on the how it works page for more details. Club can now be delivered next day by 10:30 am.


Question: What is free standard delivery and pick up?

 Free standard delivery and pick up will be available in every state but the transit times may vary.


Question: What happens if I lose or damage the box that the clubs arrived in?

You will have to call customer service immediately and we will send another box out to where you are staying. There will be an extra charge that will be added to your credit card.

Question: Do you sell any of your golf equipment?

Our golf equipment is not for sale.

Question: Is there tracking information available?

Yes, you will be able to track your order through our website. You will also be sent a tracking number via email once the golf clubs have been dispatched.

Question: Is there any maximum rental time?

7 days is our maximum rental period on our website, but you can contact customer service if you need a longer rental period.

Question: How am I billed?

You are billed once the golf clubs are ready for dispatch.

Question: When does my rental period start and end?

Your rental period will commence on the rental start date that you entered at checkout and finish on the end date that was entered at checkout. These details will be sent to you via email and will also be available on your welcome package that will be with your rental set(s). FedEx will pick up the clubs the day after you rental end date in the am. Make sure the golf clubs are ready and packaged by 9:00am .The rental periods work in consecutive days

Question: How do I return the golf sets?

You will return the golf set or sets in the shipping box that they arrived in. Please leave the sets at the front desk of your hotel, Pro Shop or resort. Our courier service will pick them up from there. They will be signed for when picked up. There step by step directions in your welcome package. If the clubs are being picked up from a residence then someone must be there when FedEx arrive.

Question: Do you ship to Residences

Yes, but you will have to fax your driver’s license (front and back) to 407-412-6849 or scan and email to  for security purposes. Please call customer service if you have any questions about this process. *A security deposit up to $600.00 may also be charged per golf rental set.